Unicolor c41 kit canada

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Almost gone.

Unicolor Powder C-41 Film Negative Processing Kit - 1L

Results matching fewer words.Sold Out. Phone Number. Just add water to the powder, and then follow the enclosed instructions to develop your C films!

They are most famous within the global film community for their podcast entering it's 10th year in existence as well as the associated School Camera Donation Program whereby donations are sought and sorted to bring analogue photography back into high schools and colleges all over the country. Not only that but Mike also runs the FPP store which sells a multitude of analogue film products all over the US and hand-rolls a fantastic selection of unique films. We are honoured to bring some of those films to the European market and hope you enjoy shooting them as much as Mike has making them!

Spent years developing BW and being terrified of C41, but it's really not that bad at all! The FPP kit comes with clear step by step instructions, chemicals are easy to mix and easy to use, and seem to produce great results. Lots of online reading has made me paranoid about the chemicals going bad after even a short time, but after weeks in bottles the results we pretty much identical to freshly mixed. I get as good results with this as any other C41 kit.

As powder, the shipping is much cheaper than the liquid kits. My current batch is 9 months old, done 18 films and still working well - stored in fridge with air displaced. Really easy to use as a 3 step process. I'm on my 2nd kit now and there are very few comparable options if you want to take shots on a Sunday and have images on Monday morning.

unicolor c41 kit canada

Well, not in my neck of the woods. Results got a wee bit muddy towards the end of it's life span on the 1st kit, but that was I suspect because I took several month to get through 6 colour 35mm films and 2 s. Simple and effective! As a newbie home-developer I was nervous to develop my first photos, but the instructions are straight-forward and easy to navigate. Chemicals are lasting well; already 10 develops in and the quality is still brilliant.

Can't complain in the slightest, im not new to developing films however its been a good 15years since I've been in a dark room but I can say this kit is very straightforward.We are Parallax Photographic.

We sell film, paper, chemistry, and everything else you need if you are shooting film. The four of us: Alice, Frank, Sam and Sol, set up Parallax in with the intention to support the use of film, and love of photography, into the future. You can come and visit our shop in Brixton, to browse, buy things or just have a chat. We all shoot film and process it ourselves so have fairly extensive knowledge of the products we sell.

Our reviews are based on our combined years of experience doing it ourselves and helping our customers. We meet an increasing amount of people who have decided to start doing it themselves. Pretty much every person we meet has been told somewhere that developing black-and-white film at home is reasonable, but that developing colour film is just too tricky. But this is a myth. Developing your own colour film at home is not only completely possible, it is fun and arguably more straightforward than black-and-white.

Once we explain how simple it is, our customers are often keen to try it themselves. Hopefully, this review might convince you to give it a try. As you might know, colour film has two common development processes. These are called C41 and E6. You can do both at home, as long as you have the correct chemistry. Which process you need depends on the film you are developing. Colour negative film is easily the most common and needs C41 chemistry.

Reversal film, otherwise known as slide film, needs E6 chemistry. For this review, we are going to focus on C41 developing as most colour films available today are negative, and they are by far the most popular option of the two. When it comes to colour film processing you buy all the chemistry you need together in a single kit.

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It has been specially designed for easy development of C41 negative film, and in all the years we have been using and selling it, it has never let us down. In the kit, you get all the chemicals you need to process your own colour negative film, which makes things nice and simple. To develop your film you will also need some equipment. If you are already processing your own black-and-white film you will have most items you need. The main difference is that you will need a thermometer that goes up past 30 degrees Celcius.

If you are completely new to developing at home, you can get everything required in our Colour Film Processing Bundle. All the items are also available individually.

The essentials you are going to need are a developing tank, a changing bag, colour thermometer, mixing jugs, storage bottles and a large bucket or tub to act as a water bath. There are several benefits which make the Tetenal kit a good choice for a beginner. To start with, unlike some of the other options, the kits are available in convenient sizes for home usage โ€” 1L and 2.I don't do as much text blogging as I used to, as most of my efforts have shifted towards video content.

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Unicolor C-41 Press Kit (2 Liter)

One day back aroundI went to my local thrift store on a tip from a friend that there was a bunch of darkroom equipment currently out on the shelves. I didn't expect much more than maybe some cheap 35mm enlarger or something but figured I'd go check it out anyways. A nice score! Although I recognized the value of this piece of equipment, I never really used it as there was a lab locally that would process my c film at a very reasonable price with an hour turn around.

Over time the quality of the films that lab was processing went downhill, and I reached a breaking point when somehow the end of almost every other roll of medium format film would get exposed to the light when during processing and it would ruin the first frame on the roll. This especially unacceptable when I started using the 6x17 format as ruining the first frame meant I was throwing away a quarter of the images on the roll. Thus, I pulled the CPE-2 out of storage and got to work processing my c at home.

Slightly cheaper than having Citizen's Photo develop the film, but without having to wait a week to ship the film across the country. But of course, the thrifty do-it-yourselfer's second order of concern is how much can this capacity be extended to drive down the costs? Luckily for us, other people have already done this legwork. The most comprehensive study I've found on extending the capacity of the unicolor powder kits has already been done by studio.

I've only just begun with seeing how long, and now lazily I can store my chemistry and still get acceptable negatives. But what I want to share is a simple printable sheet that converts the formula provided via the studio. This should be straight forward, but if you need instructions, the first column is the number of the roll s to be processed that your batch of chemistry has seen.

The second column is the adjust development time based on the formula provided at studio. The third through fifth columns are there for you to either checkmark or timestamp when that roll of film was processed so you can easily cross-reference and get the next adjusted time the next time you process film.

No more needing to do math or remember how many rolls you've already processed! And with three big chemistry columns, you can go green and reuse the same sheet for three batches of chemistry! Never miss a click Subscribe to my newsletter and receive new photographs, content and print offers right in your inbox.

Praslowicz June 21, View The Channel. Submit a Comment. Email Email address will not be displayed. Popular Posts. October 8th, Sekonic Twinmate L July 29th, The Secret to Loading 35mm Film for Development. April 11th, Blog Posts.Discussion in ' The Darkroom ' started by smithdanNov 4, Nov 4, 1. Can others edit my Photos: Photos OK to edit. Purchased a Unicolor kit to play with some time ago.

As the shop guy told me that it had a limited shelf life once mixed, I have now shot 8 - 10 rolls so ready to go. Instructions look pretty straightforward but wonder if anyone has used one of these and are willing to share some info and experiences with this chemistry.

Mixing Unicolor C-41 Kit

Tips and moral support would be most welcome before I rip open the envelopes. Nov 4, 2.

unicolor c41 kit canada

Color chemistry is highly toxic and carcinogenic. Follow all safety precautions carefully. If you can't feel the breeze you don't have enough ventilation.

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Informative x 2. Nov 4, 3. Louis, MO.

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Nov 6, 4. Thanks to you both for the info. Realize that the solutions are nasty and will try to be as careful with them as possible. Had hoped to hear from someone who had used this kit and found that it worked pretty much to direction or if they found any quirky stuff to work around.

As far as its killing effectiveness it can't be any worse than that mid 70's Cibachrome. Nov 7, 5. Nov 7, 6. I've heard of the Unicolor kit, I'd be interested in how it turns out. And when I used their community darkroom I didn't stay in there too long at a stretch, would stop or sometimes take a break and take a look at what was happening below in the pottery studio, or glass bead fusing I suppose a number of those type things mean learning how to use it safely.

Nov 8, 7. Rest assured that I will handle the chemistry with care and follow instructions to the letter. This will be my first and last attempt to process C41 and most likely wouldn't try it at all except for the relative simplicity of the Unicolor kit.

FPP C-41 Film Developer - 1Ltr

Nov 9, 8. I'd heard it wasn't supposed to be all that difficult to use. But it's not something I've thought about trying. There are just things that need to be used with safety precautions but can be usable if you know what you're doing.Discussion in ' Darkroom Equipment ' started by choidavidAug 25, Share This Page. Thread Tools. Aug 25, 1. Messages: Hey everyone, I'm looking to renew my C kit supply but my suppliers are all waiting to restock Aug 25, 2.

I recently ordered the unicolor kit from freestyle. It came in two weeks. Aug 25, 3. Messages: 31, Beau Photo in Vancouver. Aug 25, 4. Thanks guys! Aug 26, 5.

Messages: 7, Jacques at argentix is very good. Aug 26, 6. INdeed, just received a 2L kit! Aug 26, 7. Messages: 2, Photoservice in Montreal. Aug 26, 8. Did Downtown camera run out of it? Aug 27, 9.

Went to Downtown Camera today.

unicolor c41 kit canada

Aug 28, Sep 13, Sep 18, Considering the possibility of trying the above kit for color negatives. There is only one local lab that will do C41 now and they are not always reliable.

I plan to use distilled water for mixing chemicals rather than tap. I checked earlier posts, but most are about other kits. Anyone here use this kit?

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FWIW, I will wait until I have several rolls to process before mixing the kit as the shelf life of color chemicals is generally pretty short. I've done E6 before so I've had practice in temperature control which I know is importan for the C41 that I'm considering. The kinds of information that will be most useful include consistency of results, ease of use, and quality I will be scanning the negatives rather than printing.

Mike GammillOct 11, The cons of all the powder C kits are that Blix bleach and fix in one solution is a bad idea. You wind up with a very unstable solution, that will fail quickly. They were designed for a press photographer working in the field who had to get out a processed negative as fast as possible.

Getting the best results was not important, nor were the keeping properties of the chemicals. Best results come from using the Kodak or Fuji-Hunt chemistry. Nobody else can match them, due to patents and shared trade secrets. However, they are hard to source, and a pain to mix, you need to mix parts A, B, and C of the developer, along with developer starter.

Part C is unstable in the bottle after you open it, it's very sensitive to oxidation, they backfill the bottle with nitrogen at the factory, but that's gone after you open it. One alternative is to use the developer from the Unicolor kit, but buy Kodak Flexicolor bleach, fixer, and final rinse. The bleach is expensive, but it lasts and lasts, especially if you use an aquarium pump and bubbler stone to put oxygen back in it. The fixer is the cheapest fixer in the world, and is great.

Final rinse is also cheap. You can also buy small quantities of the Kodak developer from Photographer's Formulary. They are re-packaging it into smaller bottles, and presumably backfilling part C with nitrogen.

There's a lot of discussion of this topic on APUG. You might want to look into the Digibase kit available through Freestyle. My question: does the retained silver end up showing on scanned negatives as excessive graininess?

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Would the amount or appearance of retained silver be affected by film speed at all, i. I am guessing speed does have some influence as my processed negatives seem to be very grainy and dark - faster film looks worse to me. As another question, I ruined half the Blix from my current batch of Jobo chemistry by accidentally dumping it into a container of stop bath.